HELLO WOLRD, Meet OMI (source of sustenance)

This blog was initially created because i Regularly have nomadic thoughts, i LOVE writing and on occasion, (some people say) I talk a lot. I like to say, I happen to enjoy long discussions, frequently :-).

Either way, I’ve decided to share some of my inner-thoughts and ideas with the larger world to see if other people share my sentiments.

The goal of this blog is to be most transparent with my words.

Now if you’re reading this blog, you are probably wondering what omi stands for.
Well, its not to expansive:
Omi translates to water in a language that i find very interesting— Yoruba —from Nigeria, West Africa

The essence behind the name of this blog is as follows:

Simply Put, I want my blog posts to be a type of sustenance for my readers. We obviously all need water to survive and my hope is that readers of OMI:sourceofsustenance will be dependent on it for weekly doses of passion-filled, transparent, discussions.

I hope you’re excited to follow me on this Journey… (that i started two years ago and am now reviving). #LetsGo! #I’mback


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