Women, Young Women, where are thee?

Where are the passion filled women whose sole goal is NOT about getting the following (to “look right”)





-Boys, etc

I mean. I’m looking for those young women who want to change the world one day at a time.

On my walk to the train station today, i started thinking about my life and the friends (or lack thereof) that i have and i became really frustrated. Literally, 75% of my friends are males and i have no problem with that but i want more female friends. I noticed that of the female friends that i do have 98% of them like to talk about nonsense or DONT like to engage in meaningful conversations– WHY is that?

I’ve tried to bring up topics relating to the WORLD in our discussions but they just brush it aside and bring up their “girl issues” i.e. no boyfriend, need new weave, wanting to become a fashion blogger/ stylists and the likes. But to that i say “GBISSHH” (my version of hissing my teeth) partially because i need NEW female friends who can have engaging conversations.

Now don’t get me wrong, i do talk about hair, clothes and makeup too (i mean come on, i AM a DIVA) but that is certainly NOT my ONLY conversation starter. I’m really looking for those young women who can join forces with me and we change the world together.


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