Is “senioritis” all in the mind?

This is for my seniors in colleges all over the globe–those graduates who will be among the Class of 2014. Here’s the underlying question…

Is senioritis all in the mind? Now, for my readers who have long graduated from college or may not be familiar with the term, i’ll try my best to explain it in the most dignified manner. A case of “senioritis” is when a college senior becomes extremely lazy and pretty much refuses to do any coursework with the mantra, “I’m graduating anyway, why put in all this effort. I’d rather do nothing”

I was going through my normal routine of things today when this question popped into my mind. I know of so many current college seniors and recent graduates who have all caught the case of “senioritis.” Their arguments were always that they were drained from school, tired of doing mundane, busy, coursework and wanted to get into the real world–the workforce. I’ve always wondered, how this disease crept up on them and took a large chunk of their DRIVE. Or, was it just their way of finally being able to proclaim their laziness that had been innate? After all, in the workforce, there are professionals who have been working in the same companies for 4+ years (the equivalent of an undergraduate degree) and never complain of “senioritis.”

I’ve heard stories of college students that were A students for the majority of their undergraduate career and when they caught the case of senioritis, they were barely able to maintain their magna cum laude holding.

One case in particular that really sparked my interest in this topic was of a young lady who started off her college career decently and desperately wanted to graduate summa cum laude. Her sophomore year wasn’t the best so her dream to graduate summa had quickly turned into magna cum laude. This young lady was consistent and diligent to graduate magna cum laude but life got into the way and her dream of graduating magna sadly turned into cum laude. Nonetheless, she purposed in her heart that she would graduate cum laude. But, by her senior year, she was also bitten by the senioritis bug and this young lady who initally was determined to graduate summa cum laude was praying that she could at least keep her GPA above a 3.3. Now, if that’s not a bad case of senioritis, then tell me what is? How can such an idea virtually suck out the motivation of a student to do well, all with the belief “Hey, i’m graduating already, what more do you want.” I think it’s time for us to reevaluate this senioritis epidemic.

How can we combat this senioritis beast? Can it be defeated or will there always be a brutal case of it somewhere in the world? #Foodforthought

To all of my seniors: I just want to encourage you to press forward. You are almost there and you definitely didn’t come this far to give up now! #Godspeed, #GoodLuck, #You’veGotThis!