Human Beings, when will we learn…

Why are we, humans, so afraid to leave our comfort zone?

Even if it compromises our values, dignity, integrity, passions, belief… and even sanity?

This is a crippling mindset to have. This fear/dislike of anything new is the reason why so many people in our world exist… rather than LIVE the life that they could!

Let me give you a further explanation…

I’m interning for an entrepreneur (or should i say “was” because I’ve already resigned) and the whole internship is pointless. Besides, I’m not passionate about the vision of the company nor do I fully understand it (I was placed here through a program.. it wasn’t my choice) so I won’t be as productive as i need to be. I’m also at a point in my life where i want to see impact.. MY impact on a project, person, proposal, etc. as oppose to simply doing busy work. I know, i know what you may be thinking readers, “Well, you have to start from somewhere” and guess what I already have! I’ve had a number of internships under my belt and the kind of mundane, pointless, busy/administrative work I’m doing now.. i DID THEN! But, this stage of my life is entirely Different!

Let me explain…

Graduating college has helped me to recognize some of the gifts and talents that I’ve been endowed with and I refuse to live a wasted life or better yet the “Shoulda, Coulda, Woulda” life.

At my internship, I work with the entrepreneur (whom we’ll call CEO from now on) and another gentleman (who is a full-time paid employee). I’ve watched several encounters with this gentleman and CEO and I’m wondering why this fellow is still working there. The CEO is not a leader at all! There’s a difference between entrepreneurs and leaders that i discussed in another post (Link Here). Anyway, this CEO tries to impose his work ethics/ brainstorming/task-completing styles (which in his eyes are the “Almighty Ways”) on everyone including the guy he works with.

Side Note: We all know, any natural born leader would want his/her employees to have reverence/respect for her/him NOT fear. But this gentleman is scared of the CEO…

Today, CEO gave me a mundane research task to do and I was a bit confused because  I didn’t see the correlation between the work I was doing and the organization or my role there. So, to get some understanding, I asked the fellow to explain to me what the vision of the organization was in relation to CEO’s overall vision, to which he replied “I don’t know honestly. Sometimes, I think I know what this company does but then he (the owner) asks for more and I’m just like oh, there’s more.”

When I heard this, I laughed thinking it was a joke but this fellow was actually quite serious. [This just shows that there is a clear difference between entrepreneurship and leadership].

Anyway this fellow pointed to the “brain board” (which the two use to jot down event/partnership ideas) and started explaining some of the upcoming programs they’ve planned with a hope that I could figure out the vision from there. 10 minutes into his explanation, our boss (the CEO) walked in and he immediately sat down. Uh.. Whoa! (was my reaction). I didn’t get it… was he afraid to leave his desk because of what the CEO might say? Was there no freedom in the office? Was he not allowed to help an intern with work that would ultimately BENEFIT the CEO?

I know you’re thinking “Oh M, you’re being dramatic… He probably had an urgent project that needed to be completed before the boss came in and fraternizing with you would give CEO the wrong impression..”

Listen, I’m not here to bad-mouth the CEO or the fellow in the scenarios described above by any chance. I’m just honestly interested as to why a person would choose not to a) change the dynamic of the work environment—that is if the boss is inviting/accepting of suggestions or feedback OR b) leave that kind of environment entirely.

Listen, you need to be at a company/organization that correlates with YOUR values. You should WANT to work for someone who takes an interest in you as well no matter how slight.

We as people need to recognize our worth/value (with all humility of course) and sometimes reevaluate the conditions or environments we find ourselves in. Sometimes… where we are may not at all be the right fit.

But I am hopefully optimistic that when one door closes, another one opens! **I hope this encourages you**


Women, Young Women, where are thee?

Where are the passion filled women whose sole goal is NOT about getting the following (to “look right”)





-Boys, etc

I mean. I’m looking for those young women who want to change the world one day at a time.

On my walk to the train station today, i started thinking about my life and the friends (or lack thereof) that i have and i became really frustrated. Literally, 75% of my friends are males and i have no problem with that but i want more female friends. I noticed that of the female friends that i do have 98% of them like to talk about nonsense or DONT like to engage in meaningful conversations– WHY is that?

I’ve tried to bring up topics relating to the WORLD in our discussions but they just brush it aside and bring up their “girl issues” i.e. no boyfriend, need new weave, wanting to become a fashion blogger/ stylists and the likes. But to that i say “GBISSHH” (my version of hissing my teeth) partially because i need NEW female friends who can have engaging conversations.

Now don’t get me wrong, i do talk about hair, clothes and makeup too (i mean come on, i AM a DIVA) but that is certainly NOT my ONLY conversation starter. I’m really looking for those young women who can join forces with me and we change the world together.

If only Words were enough

Its taken me rather long to recount of my experience of being one of the NYWICI Foundation scholarship recipients as well as attending the Matrix Awards 2012 at the Waldorf Astoria. Perhaps that’s the reason I titled this post “If only words were enough.” So, in my attempt to relive the momentous luncheon, I would first and foremost like to thank the foundation board at NYWICI for the privilege to be among such amazing, fulfilled and successful women.

I applied for the New York Women in Communications scholarship without the full understanding of what I would be a part of, if I were to receive the scholarship. I knew the scholarship was different from every other scholarship I applied for, but I had no idea the kinds of opportunities that would be coming my way as a result of it.

So, when I received the call that out of a large pool of applicants, I was, as Catherine Carlozzi would say “counted among the brightest young women in communications” my entire body went numb. The invitation to the 2012 Matrix Awards Luncheon at the Waldorf Astoria quickly conjured up an emotion of gratitude from within me.

Attending the Matrix Awards was indeed remarkable. All 18 of the scholarship recipients were treated like royalty and “semi-equated” to the women that were being honored that day. The gorgeous fluorescent lights dazzled upon our faces showing our natural glow. The hall was gorgeously decorated and the tables were immaculately set with a gorgeous lunch entrée. It all felt like a dream.

This dream included: getting our outfits from The Limited, getting our hair and makeup done before the event and getting the chance to attend the VIP reception with Ann Curry, Tyra Banks, Glenn Close, Zenia Mucha, Katie Couric, Barbara Walters, Meredith Vieira, Peggy Noonan, Pat Kiernan, AND Michael Roth (CEO of IPG).

The most gratifying moment of the entire luncheon was to know that all the women, and the men, who were either being awarded that day or who were members/supporters of the NYWICI foundation are rooting for the18 of us to do more than they’ve done or will do. The support system we have truly ensures that each one of us will become leading youths in our generation.

The financial support of the scholarship is one thing but actually having the backing of many of the top professionals in the communications field, personally, makes my dreams limitless.

Eating Alone (Written in 2011)

“For those of you who don’t know me outside of the cyber world, I’ll let you in on something.  I transferred schools this past semester; and let me tell you adjusting has not been easy, especially considering I’m in an entirely different state. I guess it didn’t occur to me when I decided to transfer schools that there would be such difficulty in adjustment. Classes aren’t as tough but “the friend thing” has been taking a toll on me.

I have been eating by myself in the dining hall at this particular school since September but I didn’t think anything of it. Besides, I thought, “I’m confident in my skin, I don’t need people around me to validate my personality or independence.” “Eagles are independent and often alone,” I said trying to compare myself to the greatest bird of all time as if that would make me feel better.

Little did I know, the impact my self-conscious had on me.

Today at around 6:30pm, after my class I went to the dining hall for dinner. My initial plan was to sit down and eat dinner no matter who was around but as soon as I walked into the dining hall, I saw flocks of friends congregating and enjoying meals with one another and I almost changed my mind. But my biological needs didn’t allow that “mind-change” to last for more than a minute. I was really hungry so I just grabbed the Chicken Alfredo that the chef just prepared and I went to look for a seat.

I ended up sitting all the way in the back of the right side of the dining hall because the place was extremely packed with students. I began eating my food and just “enjoying” the lack of taste the dish offered. After about my 5th bite, I glanced the entire right side of the dining hall and I looked back at myself and I noticed that I was the only person eating alone. The amount of embarrassment I felt upon noticing that is completely incomparable. Although, no one really paid any attention to me, I felt my level of confidence drop to a negative number. I felt really horrible inside although my demeanor and facial expression showed otherwise.

I came back to my room and in Google I typed “Eating Alone” juts to see if anyone else experienced what I was going through. Interestingly enough, I found an article that  re-assured my confidence and independence.

I know that I personally don’t really fend off of people’s ideas/opinions about me but sometimes I do believe that congregation or fellowship is important for one’s sanity.

I wonder if this ever happens to anyone besides me…”

HELLO WOLRD, Meet OMI (source of sustenance)

This blog was initially created because i Regularly have nomadic thoughts, i LOVE writing and on occasion, (some people say) I talk a lot. I like to say, I happen to enjoy long discussions, frequently :-).

Either way, I’ve decided to share some of my inner-thoughts and ideas with the larger world to see if other people share my sentiments.

The goal of this blog is to be most transparent with my words.

Now if you’re reading this blog, you are probably wondering what omi stands for.
Well, its not to expansive:
Omi translates to water in a language that i find very interesting— Yoruba —from Nigeria, West Africa

The essence behind the name of this blog is as follows:

Simply Put, I want my blog posts to be a type of sustenance for my readers. We obviously all need water to survive and my hope is that readers of OMI:sourceofsustenance will be dependent on it for weekly doses of passion-filled, transparent, discussions.

I hope you’re excited to follow me on this Journey… (that i started two years ago and am now reviving). #LetsGo! #I’mback